Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub Maintenance – 4 Packages For Busy Spa Owners

As a hot tub owner, you know that proper maintenance is key to keeping your spa in optimal condition.

However, with the demands of everyday life, finding the time to stay on top of your hot tub care can be a challenge.

That’s where the experts at Fix My Hot Tub come in.

With our range of hot tub maintenance packages, we offer a convenient and effective solution for busy spa owners like you.

Whether you’re a new spa owner or have been enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy for years, our experienced technicians are here to ensure your hot tub remains in top-notch condition.

Ready to learn more about hot tub maintenance and the four tailored packages we offer?

Keep reading to find out how we can take care of your spa while you focus on relaxing.

The Importance of Regular Hot Tub Maintenance

Proper maintenance for your hot tub is essential to avoid costly repairs and annoying down-time.

Many hot tub owners underestimate the importance of regular maintenance and may view it as an unnecessary hassle or expense.

However, the benefits of ongoing upkeep far outweigh any inconvenience it may cause.

Here are some key reasons why regular hot tub maintenance should be a top priority:

Maximizes Your Spa’s Lifespan

By consistently maintaining your hot tub, you can significantly extend its lifespan.

Just like any other appliance, your spa requires proper care to avoid wearing out prematurely.

Regular checks on components, such as filters, pumps, sensors, and heaters, can catch minor issues before they escalate into major problems. 

Ensures Your Guest’s Safety

Did you know that poorly maintained spa water can become harmful?

Improperly balanced water can result in eye and skin irritation, or even infections, making it crucial to monitor and maintain your water quality.

Testing and balancing your water is enough to ensure it’s safe, but to make the water really sparkle (and reduce your chemical use), keep your filters clean and in good repair, monitor your total dissolved solids (TDS) and use a water clarifier (it’s the secret the pros use).

Prevents Costly Repairs

Timely maintenance helps identify any small issues or potential malfunctions before they become significant and expensive problems.

This proactive approach could save you from costly repairs and inconvenient down time..

Maintains Optimal Performance

With routine maintenance, you can ensure that your Jacuzzi®️ hot tub operates at its best.

Proper chemical balance, clean water, and efficient circulation all contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable hot tub experience.

man performing hot tub maintenance on his spa

Common Hot Tub Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to maintaining your hot tub, there are several essential tasks that should be performed regularly to keep it running smoothly and ensure a clean and enjoyable experience.

By following these steps and making hot tub maintenance a part of your routine, you can avoid potential issues and maximize the longevity of your investment.

1. Checking pH Levels

Monitoring and maintaining balanced pH levels is essential to prevent discomfort, reduce chemical consumption, and extend the life of hot tub components.

Follow these steps to check and adjust the pH levels:

  • Test the water — be sure to read the instructions of your test strip or kit
  • Balance your alkalinity, keeping it between 80-120 ppm
  • Adjust your pH to be between 7.2-7.5
  • After adding chemicals, wait 30 minutes and retest the water (and add additional chemicals if necessary)

2. Sanitizing Water

Properly sanitizing your hot tub’s water is vital for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

There are two recognized sanitizers in Canada: chlorine and bromine. UV and Ozone systems can also help to keep your tub clean and reduce the amount of chemicals you use.

Follow these general steps for water sanitization:

  • Test the water regularly using water testing strips or a test kit to monitor levels of pH, chlorine/bromine, alkalinity, and stabilizer.
  • Adjust the pH level to ensure it falls within the ideal range of 7.2-7.5. Keeping your pH in this range will increase chlorine effectiveness and reduce the amount of chlorine you use. (pH can be as high as 7.8, however, you will use more chlorine as a result).
  • Add the appropriate sanitizer (chlorine, bromine) according to the recommended dosage. Be sure to closely follow manufacturer instructions for accurate dosing and application.

3. Cleaning Filters

Your hot tub filters play a crucial role in removing debris and contaminants from the water.

You should rinse your filters weekly under a tap, and clean them every month. Here’s how to clean them:

  • Turn off the power to the hot tub or place the tub in standby mode.
  • Remove the filter cartridge(s) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use a garden hose to spray the filter, removing any dirt and debris. Use a spray-on, rinse-off filter cleaning solution (alternatively, you can soak your filters overnight when you do a drain and fill).
  • Rinse the filter thoroughly to remove any cleaning solution residue.

4. Draining and Deep Cleaning Your Spa

Draining and deep cleaning your hot tub is an essential part of its maintenance, ensuring both hygiene and optimal functioning.

Over time, the water in your hot tub can accumulate debris, body oils, and other contaminants that can affect the water quality and your spa’s efficiency.

To keep your hot tub in pristine condition, a drain and thorough clean should be performed every 3-4 months. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  • With your jets on low, add jet line cleaner, allowing it to circulate for 15 minutes
  • Turn Off the Power
  • Connect a hose to the drain valve and let the water flow out.
  • Remove and clean the filters with a filter cleaner or replace them if necessary.
  • Use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the interior shell of the hot tub.
  • Make sure to clean accessories and the cover as these can harbour bacteria and debris.
  • Rinse the tub thoroughly to ensure no cleaning residue is left.
  • After cleaning, refill your hot tub with fresh water (start filling from the filter area).
  • Once filled, balance the water with the appropriate chemicals to ensure safe and comfortable use.

Get everything you need to do a complete deep clean of your hot tub and a refill start up kit that includes everything you need to keep your water pristine after the fill.

More of a visual learner? Watch this short video for an easy-to-follow guide:

By following these maintenance tasks, you can keep your hot tub operating at its best and ensure optimal enjoyment year-round.

As always, when performing any DIY maintenance, consult your hot tub’s owner manual for specific guidelines and recommendations that suit your model.

Hot Tub Maintenance Packages at Fix My Hot Tub

As a busy hot tub owner, maintaining the pristine condition of your hot tub can sometimes feel like a never-ending task.

From balancing chemicals to troubleshooting mechanical issues, it’s understandable that you may not have the time or expertise for proper upkeep.

But that doesn’t mean you should be excluded from enjoying the soothing relief home spas provide.

Thankfully, at Fix My Hot Tub, we understand the challenges spa owners face and are here to simplify your maintenance routine.

Our comprehensive range of hot tub maintenance packages offers everything you need to keep your relaxation oasis in top-notch condition.

Read on to discover the four packages we offer, tailored to meet the needs of every spa owner.

Convenience Plans – For Basic Support

At Fix My Hot Tub, we understand that as a busy hot tub owner, you need a convenient and hassle-free maintenance solution that covers all the basics.

Our Convenience Plan is designed to provide just that.

With the option to choose between weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits, you’ll have complete control over your maintenance schedule.

Our experts will visit your home on a regular basis to clean and condition the cover, cabinet, and steps, and also inspect and clean the filters.

We will also ensure the water is properly balanced, and perform a full spa inspection to ensure your hot tub remains in good condition.

Silver Spa Maintenance – For Advanced Service

Give your spa the premium care it deserves with our Silver Spa Maintenance package. For just $74.95 + HST per month, you will receive three maintenance visits per year.

Our expert technicians will not only inspect and clean the filters, but also flush, drain, clean, and refill the entire spa.

Additionally, we will clean and condition the cover, cabinet, and steps, while treating the water with Genuine Jacuzzi® Spa Shock and Stain & Scale.

Your spa will also receive a full inspection to ensure everything is working as expected and catch any concerning warning signs early on.

With the Silver Spa Maintenance package, you can rest assured that your spa will always be safe, sparkling, and enjoyable.

Gold Spa Maintenance – For A Full-Service Solution

For hot tub owners who want the ultimate peace of mind, our Gold Spa Maintenance package is the answer.

Priced at $109.95 + HST per month, this comprehensive package includes everything offered in the Silver plan, plus additional benefits.

Alongside those services listed above, each maintenance visit will also include replacing the Nature 2 Cartridge, treating the hot tub with Spa Solution, and, if equipped, replacing the Pro Clarity filter.

We will also replace the filters annually and, if applicable, replace the CLEARRAY™ bulb.

With the Gold Spa Maintenance package, your spa will receive top-notch care from our experts, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Platinum Spa Maintenance – For The Ultimate Monthly Care

For a completely hands-off spa maintenance experience, choose our Platinum Spa Maintenance package.

Priced at $179.95 + HST per month, this package includes everything in the Silver and Gold packages, but with nine additional monthly visits added on, for a total of 12 monthly visits!

The Platinum Spa Maintenance package guarantees your spa will receive the highest level of care, ensuring it remains in pristine condition year-round.

This package truly makes hot tub ownership effortless!

To elevate your spa ownership experience, contact your local hot tub service centre and sign up for our Platinum Spa Maintenance package today.

Or, simply request the maintenance package of your choice right from our site!

woman checking her hot tub water during hot tub maintenance

Make Hot Tub Ownership Effortless With Expert Hot Tub Maintenance

As we conclude this guide on hot tub maintenance, it is clear that regular upkeep is vital for maximizing the longevity and enjoyment of your hot tub.

Neglecting maintenance tasks can lead to costly issues and affect your spa’s overall performance (and enjoyment).

However, with the right knowledge and professional assistance from your local Fix My Hot Tub technician, you can keep your spa running smoothly year-round.

Living in Central & Southern Ontario brings unique challenges due to the region’s climate and seasonal changes.

Our team at Fix My Hot Tub understands these challenges and is here to provide you with expert advice.

From preparing your hot tub for winter to adjusting chemical balances during the summer, we have you covered.

Furthermore, if you encounter any hot tub issues, such as heater malfunctions or leaks, our team is here to step up to the challenge, and get your spa back up and running quickly.

Fix My Hot Tub is dedicated to supporting hot tub owners in Central & Southern Ontario with their maintenance needs, with seven locations throughout the area, including Burlington and the GTA, Kitchener, London, and Barrie.

By entrusting your hot tub to us, you’ll experience professional and respectful customer service, as well as assistance with any and all of your hot tub service needs.

To learn more or to schedule a service appointment, get in touch with your local Fix My Hot Tub service centre in the GTHA today.

We look forward to helping you maximize the longevity and enjoyment of your hot tub for years to come.