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At Fix My Hot Tub, our programs are already optimized to be both budget and time-friendly. However, each situation is unique and you may wish to add more or less services. You can create your own custom package based on your specific needs.

Spa Maintenance Programs

Silver Spa Maintenance

If you are seeking the basic maintenance program that takes care of each of the most important maintenance areas, Fix My Hot Tub's Silver Spa Maintenance Program is for you. With this program, you'll receive:

  • Draining and refilling of your spa
  • Cleaning of your spa's filter
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
  • 21 Point Inspection

Gold Spa Maintenance

The Gold Spa Maintenance program is Fix My Hot Tub's mid-level package. It includes:

  • Draining and refilling of your spa
  • Replacement of the filter
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
  • Removal and cleaning of all jet inserts
  • Replacement of the union o-ring and the heater gaskets
  • 21 Point Inspection

Platinum Spa Maintenance

Fix My Hot Tub's Platinum Spa Maintenance is our top-notch package and comes complete with all of the following services:

  • Draining and refilling of the spa
  • Line flush with our specially formulated Spa Flush
  • Replacement of the filter
  • Cleaning of the hot tub shell with Reflection
  • Cleaning of the cabinet
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
  • Removal and cleaning of all jet inserts
  • Inspection of the heater and ozonator
  • Replacement of the union o-ring and heater gaskets
  • 21 Point Inspection

Spring Spa Opening Package

If your hot tub has been closed and the time has come for you to enjoy it again, Fix My Hot Tub is ready to help! We know that when springtime comes about, you'll want to use your spa again and right away. Before jumping in, consider our Spring Spa Opening Package. Our professional staff will make sure that every part of your hot tub is in its best working order and ready for your complete relaxation. With this package, your spa will be prepared properly and will quickly be ready for you to use again. Fix My Hot Tub's Spring Spa Opening Package includes:

  • Professional inspection of each of your spa's mechanical workings
  • Replacement of your spa pump's drain plugs
  • Tightening of every union and fitting
  • Reinstallation of your hot tub's stored filters
  • Filling your hot tub to its best capacity
  • Professional inspection of current and potential leaks
  • Checking each spa function for proper operation

Spa Closing Package

If you are not planning on using your hot tub for an extended length of time, you'll need to make sure it's in the best possible condition for your next use. Fix My Hot Tub will close your spa properly.

  • Bacteria formation is common with stagnant, undrained hot tub lines. Upon activation the bacteria can and will enter your spa water. This causes a nasty odor in your hot tub and is very unhealthy for you. We have a special formula to clean out your spa's water lines. It's also good for jetted bath tub water lines too!
  • Closing your spa improperly in the winter months can have disastrous consequences. Winter temperatures can crack your hot tub's manifolds, freeze pumps and plumbing and could easily cause severe damages that can add up into the thousands. All of which wouldn't be covered by your hot tub's warranty.
  • The energy you can save is tremendous! Your spa will use more energy between January and March than all the other months combined!

Additional Programs

Professional Spa Inspections

A complete inspection of your spa takes only about one hour. An inspection is the best way to make sure that your spa is operating efficiently and properly. If your spa is only a couple of years old or even if you've purchased a new home with a brand new spa installed, this service is very ideal.

Hot Tub Draining and Refilling

Fix My Hot Tub, like all major hot tub manufacturers, recommend that you drain and refill your spa three to four times per year. If you choose not to follow draining/refilling recommendations, you may encounter:

  • Unhealthy water conditions
  • Skin irritation and other skin problems
  • Equipment deterioration and decay
  • Potential voiding of warranty

Draining your Hot Tub: It only takes up to an hour for us to drain your hot tub. We'll bring out our professional equipment that will allow for water drainage up to 50 feet away. Note: You can save money if you decide where you'd like to drain the water prior to our arrival.

Refilling your Hot Tub: The refilling time can vary and will depend on your water availability and pressure. Refilling can take as little as one hour or as long as three hours.

Suggestion: It can take upwards of four hours for some spas to be drained and refilled, and because this charge is hourly, we recommend that you schedule some of our other services to be performed while this service is being performed. You can save yourself a huge amount of both time and money. Review our standard maintenance packages and services below to create a perfectly customized package for you.

Chemical Maintenance for your Spa

Regardless of the type of chemical sanitation (salt water, bromine or chlorine) you use, Fix My Hot Tub can provide you with a weekly or monthly program that is completely customized to fit both your budget and your needs. We can help to remove all guesswork in order to minimize maintenance time. If you'd also like to save money while minimizing the usage of chemicals that cause changes in water, you’ll want to check out our Salt Water Purification System.

Cleaning of Stagnant Water

If you haven't had your water lines flushed or cleaned lately, there are most likely a host of bacteria inside. Bacteria in your water lines may cause odors and unhealthy conditions. It isn't too late! Fix My Hot Tub can clean and flush out your hot tub’s water lines with our special formula. Call us today to receive your estimate absolutely free.

Acrylic Shell Detailing

Your spa's shell needs to be maintained with our acrylic shell detailing. This is handled as a two-step process. The shell is first cleaned with a special cleanser that is totally compatible with acrylic shell materials. In the second step, we will hand-buff and use a water and chemical neutral wax. Enhance your spa's beauty and have its luster restored. Call 866-977-9059 to schedule an appointment.

Please note: Your hot tub must be drained for this service. You may elect to drain and refill the hot tub yourself, however it may be more time and cost effective to use Fix My Hot Tub's draining and refilling services in our maintenance packages.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Your hot tub filters need to be cleaned up to two times per month, depending on its usage. In addition to regular cleaning, your filters should be replaced at least twice each year. Doing so can add years of life to your spa and years of relaxation for you. Fix My Hot Tub provides ongoing maintenance programs. Our professionals will come to your home to clean and replace filters. Call us at 866-977-9059 for more information.

Conditioning and Cleaning of Spa Covers and Pillows

Covers are a component of your hot tub and replacing them is quite expensive. It is possible to help extend the life of your hot tub's cover through regular cleaning and conditioning. Proper care must be taken and you must use the proper conditioning agents. For example, products that are silicone based can accelerate deterioration and are harmful to your spa's cover. Fix My Hot Tub only uses products that are friendly to your cover. We also have replacement covers for almost every make and model of hot tub.

Spa pillows rest above the waterline and tend to capture water vapor. Bacteria is in the water vapor and multiplies onto the pillows. The material that your spa pillows are made of needs to be cleaned regularly and with a non-abrasive and compatible sanitizer. Call 866-977-9059 for more information.